Naveeda Shahid

First of all I appreciate having the opportunity to learn from Academy of Learning Career CollegeUnit: 208 1457 McCowan Road, Scarborough, ON M1S 5K7. Thanks to Faizun and Nasir for all your support, guidance and encouragement which you have provided to me during my time at AOL.  I am very lucky to have such a nice experience with you. I am impressed by Faizun’s attitude towards caring and supportive for her students who make this place like a home. Emmy, I come to you time to time to understand the financial matters and I am thankful to you for all your help and assistance before starting the course and after that. All my facilitators, I want to let you know how I have enjoyed my time here.  I really appreciate, the way you all helped and taught me. Thank you for all your insight assistance, tremendous effort and patience over the last 6 months. Special thank to Namir and Fariba for facilitating me a lot. I will miss the whole team greatly. All the students are a special group of people who co-operate and co-ordinate with others to keep the environment friendly. 

I wish you all well in your future endeavor and I definitely miss you all. 

Thank you again for every thing.



Naveeda Shahid

Medical Receptionist-Honors

Graduate of 2011