29 Weeks, 660 Hours


The Entrepreneurial Business Applications Diploma program prepares students with the skills needed to operate a small business whether it is home-based, a franchise, or a consultancy.

Graduates of this program obtain the necessary skills to plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate their operations in order to provide goods or services to consumers, and ensure the quality of these goods/services and the satisfaction of their clients.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent, or
  • Mature Student Status
  • Courses are open to any applicant who possesses a good command of the English language and is able to follow instructions.
  • Full-time students must attend the required hours per week as per the course schedule and may do so at times convenient to them.
  • Part-time students may set their own schedules to a minimum of two training sessions per week.  These times may be scheduled during the day, evenings, or on weekends.

 Core Courses

  • Basic Bookkeeping Level 1
  • Business Correspondence Level 1
  • Business Correspondence Level 2
  • Business Math
  • Business Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Grammar Essentials for Business Writing
  • Introduction to Personal Computers
  • Management Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Access Level 1
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1
  • Microsoft Word Level 1
  • Microsoft Word Level 2
  • Payroll Compliance Legislation
  • Windows Level 1

Career Opportunities

  • Bookkeeping Clerk
  • Information Clerk
  • Credit Officer
  • Information Broker
  • Accounting Bookkeeper
  • Entrepreneur