Student Complaint Resolution Policy

Academy of Learning Career College strives to provide you with the highest quality training available. Our staff have been carefully selected and trained to provide a professional, caring environment. Should we fall short of our goals we want you to let us know. Our staff is available to review and discuss any concerns you have and are ready to provide you with assistance.

The Complaint Procedure is designed to provide students with two processes, Informal and Formal, to resolve any concerns. Students are encouraged to address any concerns immediately with the staff member involved.

We encourage you to follow the steps as outlined in the following Complaint Resolution Policy if you have any concerns. Please do not let a minor problem develop into a major one. “HELP US TO HELP YOU.”

Students making a complaint are entitled to make oral submissions.  Students are allowed to have a person present with them at all stages of the complaint and resolution process. Students also have the right to have this person make the verbal submission on his or her behalf.

Informal Complaint Process

Should you have any problems or concerns during your training we encourage you to discuss them promptly with your Instructor. If you require additional assistance, your Instructor will approach, or direct you to the staff member who will be able to help you. If for any reason the matter is not resolved, you should follow the Formal Complaint Process.

Formal Complaint Process

In the event of an unsuccessful resolution to your informal complaint, the issue can usually be resolved by meeting with the Director of the Academy of Learning Career College, Nasir Kashem by contacting him via email at or call him at 416-754-4456-16 to review the concern and request a resolution.  A meeting will be arranged with the Director at your request.

1.   A Student Complaint Form should be filled out prior to meeting with the Director of the college. The form is available at your college if you require one.

  • The description of the complaint should be very clear and concise including the nature of the problem, date of issue or occurrence, name(s) of parties involved (staff, other students, etc.) and copies of any important information regarding the complaint.
  • The Director will arrange to meet with the student and/or designate within 3 business days of receiving the written complaint. If a resolution is mutually agreed to, the decision, reasons for the decision and the implementation plan should be documented on the Record of Complaint form, and signed by both the Director and the student.
  • All the meetings’ notes will be taken during a meeting of the Director and the student. These meetings’ notes will be signed by both the Director and the student. A copy will be kept in the student file and original is given to the student.
  • A photocopy of the Student Complaint form and Record of Complaint form should be put in the student file and give the original to the student.

In a separate file or binder, a copy of the Student Complaint Form, Record of Complaint, and any relevant supporting documents are to be kept on file for three years.

Review Process

If the complaint is still unresolved after 3 days, you can appeal to Director of the AOLCC-McCowan & 401, Nasir Kashem at to review the complaint. Complete the sections titled Request to Review Complaint Decision and Resolution and send a copy of the Student Complaint Form and the Record of Complaint form to or at 416-754-4456-Ext.16.

However, if a mutually satisfying resolution cannot be reached, you have the right to take the complaint further and contact the Ministry of Colleges and Universities by submitting your complaint at the Program Approval & Registration Information System (PARIS). Students shall register in PARIS at this link: with a “Student” type profile. Once they login, students shall click on Inquiry and submit a complaint.

For any issues with the PARIS profile, students shall contact the Ministry of Colleges and Universities at

**A copy of all complaints’ documentation must be provided to the Superintendent in the correspondence along with submitting your inquiry in PARIS.