34 Weeks, 771 Hours



This program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to create graphics and Flash animations for the Web, and to plan and design compelling interactive Web sites. It provides in depth knowledge of how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Notepad to create Web pages.

In addition, the program introduces students to HTML and JavaScript programming, and thereby provides them with a great degree of control over the appearance of their Web sites and skills that are in demand by Web design companies.

Students also gain skills and experience in using industry standard graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Fireworks to create, edit, and optimize graphics for the Web.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent, or
  • Mature Student Status.
  • Courses are open to any applicant who possesses a good command of the English language and is able to follow instructions.
  • An admissions interview will be administered to determine if the applicant has the required interest, motivation, and entry level skills to take this program.
  • Full-time or Part-time students may choose their schedules during the day, evening, or on weekends.

Core Courses

  • Adobe Illustrator Basic Concepts
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Color Theory
  • Customer Service
  • Dreamweaver 1
  • Dreamweaver 2
  • Flash Basics
  • Flash Experience Design
  • Information Design 1
  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Web 101
  • Web Design 1
  • Web Graphics using Fireworks
  • Web Portfolio Design
  • Web Practical Simulation
  • Workplace Success/Intrapreneurship
  • XHTML and CSS Essentials


Career Options

Recent studies indicate that strong growth in Web design jobs, particularly in the consulting sector, is expected over the next few years.


Careers that correspond with the skills learned in this program include:

  • HTML Programmer
  • JavaScript Programmer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Producer
  • Flash Developer
  • Web Consultant
  • Flash Animation Developer